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About this blog

I decided to start this blog to share information gathered by me during my career as a programmer. I started programming a looong time ago, but I got my first full-time programmer job in 2001 as a C++ programmer. I developed desktop applications for Windows and then moved into the C# .NET technologies for the web.

In 2005 I started with Java web development and have been involved in that until now. Of course, as all programmers know you can never only be involved with one type of technology so over time I have worked on various projects dealing with C#, HTML5, plain JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, PHP, databases, mobile application development and everything in between.

Besides my day time job, my main activities revolve around extending my portfolio on CodeCanyon. My products are mainly web related and I’m looking into developing JavaScript components and lately more ambitious and complex projects like WordPress themes (hope you like this website’s theme – my latest creation).