Unleash Your Coding Potential.

Hi, I’m John aka Coding Dude and this is my site.

Here you will find tutorials for learning HTML, CSS, JS but also programming in Java, NodeJS and even a bit of SEO. Check out the the projects section for some cool downloadable plugins and addons for your own coding projects.

But, I think you might be here for tutorials so…


Wavy Text Generator

Animated wavy text generator. Create wavy text effect online in just a few clicks. Input your own text and then copy/paste the code

light-weight, pure JavaScript charting library (NO jQuery or other libraries required) which makes use of HTML5 technologies and works on all modern browsers including IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.

corporate income infographic

This plugin allows you to easily add and integrate charts and graphs into your posts and pages.

About Coding Dude

Hey there!

I’m John, a passionate programmer with over two decades of experience in the world of coding. I’ve been honing my programming skills for more than 20 years, and it continues to be my utmost passion. As a Java programmer by heart, I thrive on crafting efficient and robust solutions.

However, my love for technology extends far beyond Java, as I delve into various realms of web development, including HTML, CSS, JS, NodeJS, and even the exciting world of mobile apps.

You can catch me on Twitter @codingdudecom, where I share insights, tips, and engage with fellow coding enthusiasts. Join me on this exciting journey of unraveling the intricacies of programming and building innovative solutions!

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