online brain training HTML 5 game

BrainSpeed – online brain training game

BrainSpeed is an HTML 5 online brain training game

You can play it online or you can get it from CodeCanyon to include and modify it on your own site.



Test the limits of your brain. How fast are you? How good is your visual memory? BrainSpeed is a HTML5 game that displays sequences of lights that turn on and off faster and faster as you advance. Each 5 levels a new light is added to the sequence. The goal of the game is to reproduce the sequence of lights. Get it right 3 times in a row and go up one level. Get it wrong 3 times and it’s “Game Over”. This game is fully customizable in regards to colors, fonts, sprites and language. If you want to include this game on your website you can click the following link:

Download BrainSpeed




  1. klegrantApril 24, 2021

    Is the brainspeed still available and supported??

    1. John NegoitaMarch 3, 2022

      yes, it’s still available

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