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What are infographics? Infographics are graphical visual representations of information, data or knowledge presented quickly and clearly. They are usually big images that present various information, mainly numerical, in a way that is fast and easy to understand.

First WordPress Infographic

I started wondering when people started publishing infographics in their WordPress blogs. Since it’s difficult to make an exact history of WordPress infographics I’ve looked around to tried to figure this out. The oldest WordPress infographic I found one that goes back to 2008. Probably there are WordPress infographics even older, but I haven’t been able to find any.

So here it is (with a question mark at the end) the first WordPress infographic?

First WordPress Infographic
First WordPress Infographic

How many WordPress Infographics are there?

More and more bloggers have used infographics in their WordPress blog over the years. It’s not just a feeling, it’s facts. I’ve been doing some research to see how many pages referred to WordPress over the years. To do this I’m using the number of Google search results over the years. Let’s see how this evolution looks like in a graph.

Number of pages related to WordPress Infographics

source: Google

2008 34,500 pages
2009 62,000 pages
2010 116,000 pages
2011 490,000 pages
2012 1,020,000 pages
2013 1,040,000 pages
2014 2,010,000 pages
2015 1,500,000 pages (so far until July 2015)

As you can clearly see, the number of pages related to WordPress infographics has steadily increased over the years and probably will continue to do so reaching an estimated number of 3 millionWordPress infographic pages in 2015 alone. Please note that the numbers presented for each year do not include the pages of the previous years and the current number of WordPress infographic pages in the Google search results at present (July 2015) is at around 9 million results.

WordPress infographics topics

So, what are all these infographics about? They are about everything, so it would be really difficult to find some categorization for infographics. Still, here’s my attempt, also using Google search results as a reference:

WordPress infographics pages by topic

Technology 2,670,000 pages
Finance 1,120,000 pages
Marketing 1,970,000 pages
WordPress in general 1,290,000 pages

From all the pages indexed by Google that refer to WordPress (aprox 1.1 billion pages) there are aprox 9 million pages referring to WordPress infographics which is almost 1%. It might not seem much, but I think it’s quite a significant amount.

Number of pages related to WordPress vs. the number of pages related to WordPress infographics

WordPress 1,140,000,000 pages
WordPress Infographic 9,540,000 pages

All graphics in this posts were made using the Charts and graphs WordPress Visual Designer which you can download here.

WordPress Infographic Plugins

How do people publish infographics in their WordPress blogs? Here’s a list of WordPress infographic plugins. Some are good and some are super, I’ll let you decide which is which:

  • WordPress Infographic Embedder – it’s a plugin used to allow easy embedding of infographics and other images in your site
  • Charts and graphs WordPress Visual Designer – allows visually creating charts and graphs right in your posts and pages
  • Infographer: an infographic theme for WordPress. It has many elements you can use to build professional quality infographic sites. The theme has customizable headers and is Retina ready.

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