Quick Look At NodeJS Frameworks Available In 2018: SailsJS, Meteor, NestJS, KrakenJS And More

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NodeJS Frameworks For Developing Web Applications NodeJS is JavaScript for the server side. This allows the reuse of the myriad of JavaScript libraries already written for the browser. If you know JavaScript you already know how to write code for NodeJS. NodeJS Web Applications – Where To Start? Well, the easiest way is to use one of the NodeJS Frameworks that are already available. We will take a look at a few of them that caught my eye. These are full stack web application frameworks. This means that they address all the requirements of developing a web application. The following NodeJS …

Quick Code Snippets for the Most Popular Bootstrap Plugins and Components

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Want some quick Bootstrap components code snippets? In this post I will list a few of the most popular Bootstrap components and plugins with the source code snippet you can copy/paste. I collected data from various websites related to the Bootstrap framework 3.x and the keyword search volume which indicate what kind of Bootstrap plugins and components people search online. If you need any of these Bootstrap components simply grab the source code and paste it in your project. Bootstrap Login Form Example Most web applications will need a login form. Here’s a very basic Bootstrap login form source code …

Mastering HTML5 Canvas with this free Cheat Sheet

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Have you ever dreamed of being able to create original and intricate illustrations using nothing but HTML code? Well now, Web Developers and coding enthusiasts can now unleash their inner artist with HTML5. Thanks to advances in technology, HTML5 can create basic 2D images but also more complex animations through scripting and the component called the HTML5 canvas. Are you not familiar with all the features of HTML5 canvas? No problem! Our friends from skilled.co released a guide to help you master this specific coding tool. It might sound a bit intimidating, but the HTML5 canvas cheat sheet they are offering is easy …

2017 Roundup of Top 5 Premium WordPress Themes with Demo

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Want to know what are the best premium WordPress themes of 2017? Here’s a look at the bestselling premium themes for the start of this year. #1 Massive Dynamic – Powerful WordPress Theme VIEW DEMO For only 49$, the Massive Dynamic WordPress Theme promises complete control over your website’s design. It allows you to drag and drop elements, choose styles, and see the changes instantly. No more refreshing the page to see the changes, simply edit using the Live text editor and see the new design as you go along. Pair that with unlimited layouts and multiple demo versions and …

Preparing your Sails JS application for production

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So, you’ve built your application using Sails JS and you are ready to throw it into the world. What are the steps to prepare it for production? In this tutorial I will show you a couple of things you need to do in order to prepare your Sails JS application for production. The Sails JS website dedicates a page on Sails JS application deployment. If you are an impatient programmer like myself you will probably scan that page and get bored quickly. Let’s see in practice how to go about launching our Sails JS app in production. Launch your Sails …

Drawing simple line patterns using HTML5 canvas

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In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a line pattern using JavaScript and the HTML5 canvas. Drawing with HTML5 canvas is not too difficult and it only requires some basic HTML and JavaScript knowledge. At the end of this tutorial you know how to do simple drawing using HTML5 canvas and JavaScript and how to  write code to create line patterns and colored stripe patterns that you can use for website backgrounds for example. Level: Beginner Duration: 10 min Skills required: HTML, JavaScript We will create several line patterns that will look like this: Let’s start …

How to use jQuery plugin with WordPress plugin tutorial

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I’ve ran several times into the problem of how to use jQuery plugin with WordPress posts and pages. Every time the solution was rather complicated having to modify the theme or to directly modify the HTML source of the post or page. In this post I will show you how to easily use jQuery plugin with WordPress. For this I will use a WordPress plugin for jQuery plugins and at the end of the post you will find the download link for this free plugin. What we want to achieve is to create a WordPress plugin that allows to easily integrate a …

How to get the return a value from a AJAX asynchronous call with jQuery and AngularJS $http

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Web applications often make use of dynamic views. These require some JavaScript skills usually and I think that one of the most common use of JavaScript for web apps with dynamic views is the AJAX asynchronous call. With AJAX one is able to load data within a page without having to reload the whole page making the dynamic part a smooth experience for the end user. AJAX asynchronous calls with jQuery jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript library to date. To make AJAX calls with jQuery one would have to write something like: $.ajax({

Components of long shadow icon design

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Since iOS 7 by Apple and its UI, flat design has been established as the design style. Of course, design has always been evolving, and there have always been trend-setters and trend-followers. Now the question is “What is the next step from flat design?” Not claiming to have the answer, let’s take a look at a variant of the flat design called long shadow design. What does long shadow design mean, what are its components, how to integrate it in your designs and how you can create your own long shadow designs? I will try to answer all these questions in …

What is CouchDB equivalent of SQL not in or not equals?

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I’ve started using CouchDB mainly as a database for mobile apps. However I found it useful also as a backend for server side web applications. I’m a beginner with CouchDB and in one of my applications I needed something simple. I wanted all documents except the ones with a certain value for a field. The value of the field was not known in advance, so I started searching in the documentation for the CouchDB equivalent of SQL not in or not equals. The answer I found online There is no equivalent did not really satisfy me, so I gave it a …