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Quick Code Snippets for the Most Popular Bootstrap Plugins and Components

Want some quick Bootstrap components code snippets? In this post I will list a few of the most popular Bootstrap components and plugins with the source code snippet you can copy/paste. I collected data from various websites related to the Bootstrap framework 3.x and the keyword search volume which indicate what kind of Bootstrap plugins and components people search online. If you need any of these Bootstrap components simply grab the source code and paste it in your project.

Bootstrap Login Form Example

bootstrap login form

Most web applications will need a login form. Here’s a very basic Bootstrap login form source code that you can snap into your own web application.

See the Pen Bootstrap Login Component by Ion Emil Negoita (@inegoita) on CodePen.16997

Bootstrap Modal Dialog Example

bootstrap modal dialog

Useful for getting mandatory feedback from the user, the Bootstrap modal dialog is a very smooth looking component that can be easily and quickly implemented.

See the Pen Bootstrap Modal Dialog by Ion Emil Negoita (@inegoita) on CodePen.16997

Bootstrap Contact Form Example

bootstrap contact form

Want to get in touch with your website visitors?

Contact forms are one of the most used website components. This simple component allows collecting personal information about your users.

Here’s the code snippet for a very nice Bootstrap contact form with validation.

See the Pen Bootstrap Contact Form (with validation) by Ion Emil Negoita (@inegoita) on CodePen.16997

Bootstrap Accordion Component Example

bootstrap accordion component

The Bootstrap accordion component is a very useful for presenting content in collapsible sections.

See the Pen Bootstrap Accodion by Ion Emil Negoita (@inegoita) on CodePen.16997

I hope you found this Bootstrap components list useful.

If you need other Bootstrap components for your web application please leave a comment below and I will consider extending this list with further components and their source code.

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