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I use the Ionic Framework on a daily basis both for my day time job and for my personal mobile application projects. I have to say that I really like it. Not only that I like the tool, but I’m very fond of the Ionic Team that has always been very friendly and active when support was needed. The Ionic team tries to keep in touch with developers and one very good way to do that is through surveys.

In this post I will share with you this Ionic framework survey that I just received from the Ionic Team, my answers and some comments I have related to each question. This goes to show you that a survey can also go both ways, as it will give information to the Ionic team, but also I can extract some info from it too.

The Ionic Platform Survey

ionic platform surve

1. Which version of Ionic are you building with?

Ionic 1

Ionic 2

I’m not building with Ionic

I used only v1 of the Ionic Framework. To be honest, I like the fact that this framework is very much alive and that they are already at version 2. The only thing is that I started working with Ionic 1 just about a year ago and I cannot keep up with the rapid version changes.

2. Please list any third-party services providers you currently use for:

Database / App: CouchBase Lite
Push notifications: Google GCM
Live deploys: 
Builds / CI: – 
Analytics / AB Testing:
User Authentification: – 
Testing: Karma, Jasmine

I have only used CouchBase Lite as a database for my mobile apps. Recently  I’ve read a lot about Firebase and it seems very interesting, however I haven’t gotten around to use it in a project.

I also used Google Cloud Messaging for push notifications and I really like the Ionic plugin available for this.

Also, please note, that even though I haven’t used the other services of the Ionic platform, this question got me interested in reading about builds and the continuous integration features of the platform. My biggest challenge currently with building and deployment is the fact that I don’t have a Mac book, so that makes it a bit difficult to build and deploy for iOS.

3. Please check off the services you have used on Ionic Platform:

Push: –

Deploy: –

Package: –

User Auth: –

Analytics: –

I haven’t used any services

So, nope, I haven’t used any of the Ionic platform services, but I will read a bit on the User Authentication service.

4. What service do you find the most valuable?




User Auth


I don’t use any service

Since I don’t use any of it I value them all 🙂

5. Which statement defines your work the best?

Individual developer

Consultancy that makes apps on behalf of our clients


Small Corporation (<250 employees)

Large Corporation (250-1000 employees)

Enterprise Corporation

I currently work for a small IT company (much less than 250 employees), but I would really be curious to see the results of this survey’s question.

6. What other Ionic products do you use?

Ionic Framework

View App





I’ve used both the Ionic Framework as such and of course the CLI – every time I start a new Ionic project and for adding plugins.

Ionic Creator is very nice tool for visually designing the UI and the screen flow for an Ionic application. Though I have not used it for creating very complex applications, I have used it for starting the main screen design for some of my mobile apps.

This question also gives me a new piece of information, that is the Ionic Playground. I did not know about this codepen-like tool from Ionic, but I will sure play with it.

7. How many apps are you currently building?







More and more apps I hope.

8. What industry do you work in?









Other (please specify)


9. How successful have your apps been thus far on average?

They’re still in development

<100 Monthly Active Users (MAU)

100 – 1,000 MAUs

1,000 – 10,000 MAUs

10,000 – 100,000 MAUs

100,000 – 1,000,000 MAUs

1,000,000+ MAUs

Cannot disclose at this time


10. How likely is it that you would recommend Ionic Platform to a friend or colleague?

Not at all likely – 0 to Extremely likely – 10


I really would recommend it to a friend or colleague since I think that Ionic is the fastest and most convenient framework to start developing mobile apps, especially if you are a web developer.

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