New This Week: No more Flash on Firefox, KickassTorrents goes offline, iPhone 7 announced for September

Let’s take a quick look at what this week has brought new on the tech scene. So, we’re looking at Mozilla that announced they are planning to eliminate Flash support, the iPhone 7 is announced for September 12 for this year and another big hit to online torrents as KickassTorrents alleged founder gets arrested resulting in the site to be switched offline.

mozilla stops flash support

Flash on it’s way to web history books

Mozilla announced its plans to do away with the thorn in our side that is Flash. Starting August 2016, with Firefox 48, Mozilla will block all Flash content deemed “not essential to the user experience.” The move is the first in a series that will finally kill Flash for good.

For some time now it’s known that Google is planning to phase out full support for Adobe’s Flash software on its Chrome browser by the end of 2016. It’s had it’s good long run, but it seems that the days are numbered for Flash which will remain only a memory of old programmers like myself.

iphone 7

iPhone 7 coming the week of September 12, 2016

Via a famous “leaks” producer Evan Blass (aka @evleaks) the iPhone 7 is set to release during the week of September 12. From what we know so far what will change is the number – from 6 to 7. All bets are off regarding other aspects. The look of the device will probably be similar to the existing model, but of course better. So, Apple fans line up for the new iPhone 7, better than iPhone 6 but not as good as iPhone 7s.

feds seize kickass torrents

KickassTorrent goes dark

Seems like got it’s ass kicked after alleged founder Artem Vaulin was arrested this week in Poland. The site is offline and is not expected to go back online anytime soon. US Department of Justice officials made the announcement of the arrest and indicated that the investigation regarding copyright infringements and money laundering started because one of the servers hosting the torrents site was based in Chicago.

nvidia titan x

Nvidia GTX Titan X

With 11 teraflops, 12GB GDDR5X and costing just $1,200, the new top of the line graphics card from Nvidia will make you forget the famous already GTX 1080. The new card will be available in stores starting August 2nd and using the new Pascal architecture it will be approximately 25% faster than the GTX 1080.

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