NTW: New 60TB SSD from Seagate is the biggest in the world, Microsoft acquires Beam and other news


New 60TB SSD from Seagate is the biggest in the world

Seagate has just announced the largest SSD in the world with a capacity of 60-terabyte. Pricing is unknown for the moment, but the company says the drive will provide “the lowest cost per gigabyte for flash” memory today.

The drive is expected to launch in 2017 and Seagate, perhaps in an effort not to scare anyone away just yet with the pricing, and it’s targeting the enterprise market. These are the sorts of products that eventually trickle down to consumer devices, though. Probably a few years down the line a 60TB SSD will be what a 60GB SSD is today.


What is Beam? Well, now it’s MS Beam

Amazon and Google now have company in the game-streaming wars—in the form of a major game publisher, no less. On Thursday, Microsoft announced its acquisition of the game-streaming service called Beam, and its mix of unique features and exclusive game integration should get the attention of the streaming world’s current leaders.


Google gets $6.75 mil fine from Rusia for antitrust violations by Android

Google has been fined more than £5 million (438 million rubles, $6.8 million) and told to slacken limits it places on device makers by Russian authorities who found that the search and ad giant had breached competition rules with its Android mobile operating system.

On Thursday, the country’s Federation Anti-monopoly Service (FAS) said that Google forced mobile phone manufacturers to include Google search on the home screen of all Android devices and bundling other services with Google Play, while preventing manufacturers from pre-installing competing services.


HTC 10 is a sales dud

The company’s flagship handset, the HTC 10, is apparently not selling well. T-Mobile has decided to dump the device after just two months on the market.

T-Mobile hasn’t come out and ended sales officially, but the HTC 10 is no longer available from T-Mobile online. The product “mysteriously” disappeared from T-Mobile’s website and initially the company said this was due to a glitch on the website. But as Android Police points out, the 10 is still gone, and local stores don’t have any plans to receive more units.


No Man’s Sky, or the 18 quintillion planets of disappointment

Three days after its PlayStation 4 launch, the space-exploration game No Man’s Sky is now live for Windows PC gamers (via either Steam or GoG). But if you’ve been anywhere near PC gaming for the past few years, you won’t be surprised to find out that combining “small development team,” “video game that promises 18 quintillion planets,” and “worldwide simultaneous launch on all kinds of PCs” is a dangerous mix.

The game’s Steam reviews, which have surpassed 5,700 as of press time, are sampling out as “mostly negative,” with frequent complaints about framerate hitches and total system crashes. Though Steam’s reports must be considered anecdotal, more than a few trustworthy voices are piping up online to report issues with No Man’s Sky, despite using systems that far exceed the game’s minimum spec, which calls for older cards like the GTX 480 and Radeon 7870. Even users with high-end solutions like the GTX 1080 or two GTX 980Ti cards in SLI mode are reporting major stutters—on a game that runs on a comparatively so-so PS4 console with a mostly consistent 30 FPS refresh.

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